Create Intentionally! Live Intentionally! Love Intentionally!




What is Box of Chrystal Intentions?

Box of Chrystal Intentions was developed by Chrystal Brito in 2020 in effort to connect those new (or old) to their spiritual path with intentional living. Box of Chrystal Intentions takes the normal subscription box to new levels by adding a component of personalization using the subscriber’s personal preferences, natal chart, the current transits, and Intuitive Readings by Chrystal. That information is used to select 5-6 curated items that feature Black Woman-owned brands. The box also includes a personal intention and a collective video reading by Chrystal using Tarot and/or Astrology for the month ahead. 


As a survivor is Domestic Violence and Narcissistic abuse, Chrystal can recall a time where her spiritual practice was completely hidden. She was limited to private google searches and hiding spiritual items in safe spaces to use when she was alone. She created the box with this in mind and wanted to ensure that Box of Chrystal Intentions would be accessible for people that may be in compromising situations. The mission of Box of Chrystal Intentions is to provide safe and inspiring items to beautiful souls that have been called to Create, Live, and Love intentionally. The vision of Box of Chrystal Intentions is to assist intuitive trailblazers in unlocking their highest potential by living their life with intention.

How often is the box sent? 

The box is sent monthly but always before the new moon, as that is the best time to set intentions. We start curating and shipping after each full moon. Ready to set Chrystal Intentions? Subscribe now! 

How does this work? 

Once your payment is complete, we will send you a link to complete your Chrystal Intentions Profile. You will be asked for your name, Date of birth, Time of birth, Place of birth, and questions regarding preferences for the box. There will also be a space to add additional notes if you have a particular allergy or a concern. If you do not know your birth time, that is ok! Just be sure to note that on your profile.  

Is there a deadline for subscribing so that I get my box before the new moon? 

Yes! You will always get the boxes you pay for, however, we advise that you subscribe at the very latest, one week after the full moon. This will ensure that you receive a box for the next new moon. If you subscribe after, your payment will go toward the following new moon. Simply google "when is the next full moon?" and then the deadline would be 7 days after that. Send us a message if you are unsure or need clarity on this.  


When will I be billed?

You will be billed each month according to your start date (if you sign up on the 17th of the month you will be billed on the 17th of each month.) Boxes are only sent if payment is processed for each month. If payment is not successful for a month, we will skip that shipment, and try to collect payment the next month. 

Why is the box so compact?

For now, as this is the initial launch, the box is also compact to make it easier to stow away if safety is an issue. It can also be used as a Travel/Pocket altar for people that cannot have a dedicated altar for any reason. We do anticipate expanding the collection in the near future to include bigger boxes with add-ons.  


How do I cancel the subscription?

If you would like to cancel, please contact us at We will be sad to see you go, but understand if you would like to cancel.