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My name is Chrystal and I use my intuitive and spiritual gifts to assist my clients in unlocking their highest potential by setting Chrystal Intentions. I am a wounded healer, teacher, shaman-in-training, and Intuitive Trailblazer. But most of all, I am a life long learner on this school called Earth. I have overcome many lessons in life and continue to learn each day on my journey.  Each day is an opportunity to transform and be another version of myself. The lessons I have learned encourage me to assist others while continuing to assist myself. 


I call this space in my work "Chrystal Intentions" as I feel we all should consider setting clear intentions in our lives. It allows room for more clarity and direction for our path. I assist people in becoming more familiar with their truest self. I have a wide range of services as all of my clients have different needs. I specialize in:

  • Intentional living

  • Shadow Work

  • Self Love & Empowerment

  • Safe Spaces to Express

  • Integration of Generational Trauma

  • Business Development


Please note: As I have been blessed to personally overcome/thrive post DV and Narcissistic Abuse, I hold a very special and specific place for Domestic and Narcissistic Abuse Survivors/Thrivers. You are not alone! Please contact me on Instagram via DM @chrystalintentions or send a message in the chat box so that I can assist in a way that works for you.





If any of this resonates and you would like to work with me, please book a session below.I am available to clarify my services via chat, DM on instagram, or you can send an email to connect@thechrystalsolution.com. Please have all general questions/concerns addressed prior to booking.



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