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My name is Chrystal and I assist people in becoming more familiar with their truest self. I am a guide, teacher, and Intuitive Trailblazer. But most of all, I am a life long learner on this school called Earth. I have overcome many lessons in life and continue to learn each day on my journey.  Each day is an opportunity to transform and be another version of myself. The lessons I have learned encourage me to assist others while continuing to assist myself. 


I call this space in my work "Chrystal Intentions" as I feel we all should consider setting clear intentions in our lives. It allows room for more clarity and direction for our path. I use my intuitive and spiritual gifts to assist my clients in unlocking their highest potential by setting Chrystal Intentions. I have a wide range of services as all of my clients have different needs. I specialize in:

  • Intentional living

  • Shadow Work

  • Self Love & Empowerment

  • Safe Spaces to Express

  • Integration of Generational Trauma

  • Business Development


Please note: As I have been blessed to personally overcome/thrive post DV and Narcissistic Abuse, I hold a very special and specific place for Domestic and Narcissistic Abuse Survivors/Thrivers. You are not alone! Please contact me on Instagram via DM @chrystalintentions or send a message in the chat box so that I can assist in a way that works for you. 

If any of this resonates and you would like to work with me, please book a consultation below. I am available to answer general questions via chat. 


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All LIVE consultations are done via Video Conference on Zoom with the camera on. Scheduling will be done via e-mail. Readings will be done in the order that they are booked. 
I am available to clarify my services via chat, DM on instagram, or you can send an email to connect@thechrystalsolution.com. Please have all general questions/concerns addressed prior to booking. All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE.
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An Intuitive Trailblazer's Guide 
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We proud to announce that we have officially launched our FIRST Ebook “An Intuitive Trailblazer' s Guide to making your passion into a business.” This book is an easy to read guide with general steps for launching your own business. It was written to simplify the process into steps that can be easily followed. Most readers can complete the steps on their own! 


We pride ourselves on creating CLEAR solutions that can be accessible to all. 

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An intuitive trailblazer's guide to maki

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Chrystal Vision

One monthly 30 minute reading (Tarot or Birth chart)


Chrystal Intent

Two monthly 30 minute readings (Tarot or Birth chart)


Chrystal Intuition

One monthly 60 minute reading (Tarot or Birth chart)


Chrystal Integration

Two monthly 60 minute readings (Tarot or Birth chart)

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